Sweet dreams are made of this

Barboleta’s cult-favorite Lash Serum and Cooldown Eye Masks (5 pack), paired with a matching luxe pillowcase and scrunchie, stashed into an eye-catching collectible case—a rectangular cube for easy access and max visibility. Made of matte faux-silk, the pillowcase decreases the look of wrinkles, smoothes hair by reducing frizz and split ends, and gently protects your lashes, so you wake up feeling lush and fresh. All together you have the perfect gift for any lash dreamer in your life (including you).

If you secured a collectible case last year you’ll find this one to be the perfect addition with its matching material. If you haven’t started your collection yet, it’s never too late. Grab one before they’re gone!

Lash Dreamer Set Contents: 

– Full-Size Borboleta Lash Serum 

– Cooldown Calming Eye Masks (5-pack) 

– Luxe pillowcase 

– Scrunchie 

– Collectible case